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The Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018 is Australia’s most important period of national commemoration. It marks 100 years since our involvement in the First World War.

Albany is widely considered to be the birthplace of the Dawn Service tradition. The City will continue to commemorate the Anzac Centenary in its final year of the 2014-2018 commemorative period.

On April 24 & 25 a series of commemorative events and activities will take place around the Dawn Service at the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, which is the centrepiece of Albany’s annual Anzac Day commemorations.  Immerse yourself in history and reflection at The Anzac Albany Festival, or take part in the Convoy Campout by camping out within the grounds surrounding the National Anzac Centre for a unique Dawn Service experience with exclusive access.

The Anzac Albany Festival will be themed as WW1 years in Australia and how they are remembered.