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Frequently Asked Questions

Anzac Day Dawn Service

Date: Wednesday 25 April
Time: 5:30am – 6.00am

Anzac Day has special significance in Albany as it is purportedly the site of Australia’s first Dawn Service conducted by Padre White. Anzac Day in Albany attracts significant numbers.

The Dawn Service will be held at the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial on Mt Clarence. This will be a non-ticketed event with free buses available from the Albany Entertainment Centre and Middleton Beach between 3-5am (or while there is capacity at the Memorial).

Information at a glance

  • Capacity at the Dawn Service is limited and attendance is on a first come, first served basis. The service is not ticketed.
  • Patrons are advised to get there early, or consider attending one of three Live Sites.
  • Access to Mt Clarence is via free shuttle buses from Albany Entertainment Centre and Middleton Beach between 3-5am, or via walking trails (steep and strenuous). There is no other vehicle access.
  • The Dawn Service will be simulcast live at three Live Sites: Albany Entertainment Centre, Anzac Peace Park and Mount Adelaide. These sites are nearby and are easily accessible. Patrons with mobility issues or parents with young children are advised to consider these options.

Getting to Mount Clarence

Access to Mt Clarence is by the free bus shuttle service. Buses will leave from the Albany Entertainment Centre and Middleton Beach between 3-5am.

We suggest arriving with enough time to make your way to the venue and find a viewing area.

For the Dawn Service – please allow for longer than usual due to the higher volume of visitors. We suggest as early as possible for the Dawn Service.

Please note from 5.30am all will be quiet as the service commences.

The Dawn Service at Mt Clarence will not be ticketed. You are advised to arrive early. Attendance is on a first come, first served basis.

No. This is a free bus shuttle service and patrons are advised that access to this service to attend the Dawn Service will be on a first come first served basis.

The site of the Dawn Service on Mt Clarence has limited capacity. Once the capacity of the site is reached patrons will not be able to access the site. You are advised to consider attending one of the free Live Sites instead. See live sites section for more information.

The service will go ahead in the event of rain and inclement weather. If the weather is considered dangerous to patrons events will be cancelled via radio and various media digital channels. The service takes place before sunrise, and the weather can be quite cold. All visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately.

Apex Drive leading up to the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial will be closed to vehicles and foot traffic to allow the free bus shuttle service to run with minimal disruption and for the safely of pedestrians. Forts Road, leading up to the National Anzac Centre will also be closed.

Refreshments will be available at both Albany Entertainment Centre, Middleton Beach shuttle bus terminals and the National Anzac Centre.

The bus shuttle service will run every 15 minutes or as required until Memorial capacity is reached.

Access via Walking Trails

To attend the Dawn Service via one of the trails, you can expect a strenuous walk of up to 2km on steep, uneven tracks.

There is no lighting provided at any of the trails. It is advised that you bring a torch. The trails are maintained, however it is advisable that you take care.

General Information

Amenity at the Dawn Service is extremely limited. There will be no refreshments available at this site.

There is no seating of any kind on Mt Clarence. Fold out chairs, shelters, umbrellas and eskies are prohibited.

There is no shelter on Mt Clarence and you will be exposed to the weather for the entire period you are onsite. It is advised that you ensure you have sufficient protective clothing for all weather conditions.

Patrons can expect to remain standing for a significant period of time and should be aware that some locations will have restricted or no view of the commemorative service.

It is recommended that parents with children and strollers consider attending one of the Live Sites instead.

There will be viewing screens at the Dawn Service. Other screens will be located at various ‘Live Sites’ around Albany and will simulcast the Dawn Service live. At these locations there will be refreshments and food stalls to make your experience more comfortable.

Please exercise common sense and do not bring any unnecessary equipment or items to the Dawn Service, including chairs, umbrellas, tents or anything of that nature.

It will be dark when you arrive so we recommend you bring a torch, suitable attire for the cool weather, including a raincoat or poncho in case of inclement weather.

If you wish to wear family medals they should be worn on the right hand side of the chest.

Yes, but we ask for respect during the Service and no flashes are to be used at the Dawn Service.

Once the official wreath laying has occurred, the public will be given an opportunity to come to the front to lay a wreath. If you wish to do this, we suggest you try and arrive early and get as close to the memorial as possible to avoid any missed opportunity.

Given the expected large number of attendees and in the interests of patron safety and amenity, other than owners of assistance/guide dogs as approved under the Dog Act 1976, dog owners are strongly discouraged from bringing dogs to any of the event sites within programmed times.

Anzac Albany Convoy Campout

Date: Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 April
Time: 6pm – 7am

Information at a glance

  • BYO camping gear
  • Breakfast provided
  • Cool room or fridge available for food storage – must be labelled
  • BBQs available
  • You will need to set up and pack down your own camping gear and carry your own belongings on and off the shuttle bus, don’t bring too much!
  • Please set up your tent in the day light
  • Swags will be granted access to their site after 6pm on 24/4/18 – in between drop off at 3pm  and close down of the site to public at 6pm you can store your swag and gear with the camp concierge
  • – All campsites to be packed up by 9.00am 25/4/18
  • Anyone positioned near the screen will be affected by the noise from the movie program and the dawn service
  • There will be a shuttle bus service from the car park to the Convoy Campout site.
  • This bus will be utilised by both the campers and the general public entering the campsite until 7pm on the Tuesday night
  • There is likely to be cross over of people with camping gear and people without camping gear so the patrons need to be prepared to wait/queue for the bus even though it is only a 500m distance
  • The shuttle bus will start again at 4:30am on the Wednesday morning
  • No – there will be a road closure in place at the site.
  • Cars can park at the Forts Road Car Park and catch the shuttle bus to the site where they can pitch their tent

There will be a check in point at the Forts Road car park where Convoy Campout patrons will receive their camping wrist bands prior to boarding the shuttle bus

Access to the site will be from 3pm on Tuesday April 24

There will be a camp concierge service available to assist in pitching tents and carrying supplies. Please note you may have to wait for these services due to high demand.

Camping sites will be marked out and a camp concierge will be available to assist in finding your allocated space.

  • Tent or swag (depending on the space booked)
  • Sleeping bag and camping mat
  • Torch
  • Warm and waterproof clothes
  • Extra socks and a hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Cash
  • Ear plugs
  • Hats
  • Medication
  • Gas cookers
  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Toilets
  • Stage
  • Food trucks
  • Market stalls
  • Screen
  • Gunfire Breakfast

Given the expected large number of attendees and in the interests of patron safety and amenity, other than owners of assistance/guide dogs as approved under the Dog Act 1976, dog owners are strongly discouraged from bringing dogs to any of the event sites within programmed times.